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****  MOJO


"...addresses the peaks and troughs of love, commitment and betrayal...Fascinating."  SUNDAY TIMES


"...a rich and complex debut...a blackly witty breakup album...Compelling." THE OBSERVER


"...equal parts prog and pop,  oddball & accessible."  NME


"...a flawless and sophisticated hyper-literate pop record." GQ


"...insightful, intelligent songwriting on this hugely entertaining album . 9/10." THE LINE OF BEST FIT


"...hyper-literary but radio-friendly debut. A record which could sneak big ideas past the listeners of daytime radio."  Q


"...literate and emotive. Karen Carpenter singing John Grant." UNCUT


"Kate Bush’s Hounds Of Love... updated for the 21st century." PROG


“...delightfully theatrical and sharp as a bloody blade. Wales' much more explicitly feminist answer to Lana Del Rey.”  



“...literate, ambitious and engrossing .”  CLASH


“…lit-infused, atmospheric pop record (with just the right amount of percentage of rock angles)… think Shirley Manson meets Stefani meets Tori.” - NOISEY 


“...a dark, intricate and intelligent debut… an album of distinctive sound and ambitious ideals.”  LOUDER THAN WAR


“ comfortable at CBGB’s as in Broadway theatres.”  



"...Davies is making music like nobody else at the moment."  NME


"It is hard to believe there will be many more interesting, or better, debut albums in 2016."  MUSIC OMH



















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The debut album, Confessions of a  Romance Novelist by The Anchoress aka Catherine AD is out now via Kscope  


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